Kitchen Remodeling in Great Falls, VA

Kitchen Remodeling in Great Falls, VA

4 Steps to Start a Kitchen Remodeling in Great Falls, VA

You want to remodel your kitchen and you’re wondering if your kitchen ideas will work with your home. You have your heart set on some great ideas after seeing some kitchen pictures and you want to make them happen. That’s the perfect place to be when you call EHD Design Build Group to schedule a free consultation. We’ll take measurements and you’ll have a face-to-face meeting with our designers as we form a partnership that will last for the entire duration of your project.

1. Pick a Theme Goal

You may want to keep it classic or spruce things up a bit, go with a vintage look or aim for art deco. Whatever your desire, we’ll take your kitchen design ideas and turn them into a kitchen remodel. Start thinking about how your kitchen ideas will fit with the rest of your house. Will they complement, clash, accent or bore? There’s a line where your livingroom meets your kitchen. Will the colors coordinate? Maybe you want some crown molding. Visualize with our kitchen pictures and have a conversation with our design specialists.

2. Make a Lifestyle & Kitchen Layout Strategy

Ideas become strategies to implement your kitchen remodel. Forming a strategy takes three main considerations.

If you’re a master chef or your daughter’s friends like to come over and bake, your kitchen needs will be different. You might like plenty of kitchen countertops for food preparation or would rather expand kitchen cupboard space. If you have a lot of kitchen traffic, you may want to move the kitchen island out of the way. Small kitchen ideas or outdoor kitchens will have their own needs and options. Do you like to watch the game while cooking or keep an eye on the kids? That wall might have to go. Figure out your lifestyle and make a list of prioritized ideas for your kitchen remodeling in Great Falls, VA.

3. Consider House Infrastructure

If you do decide to move that wall, you need to make sure it’s not holding the roof up. Our EHD Design Build Group specialists will handle that for you and come up with options for overcoming obstacles. The wall may contain the electrical lines or plumbing for your dishwasher or fridge, which will have to be rerouted.

A gas line will have to be rerouted to your new stove location. Consider whether there is a reasonable path through the walls from the current location to the new one. If you’re not sure, ask! That’s what we’re here for. When you’re considering a dishwasher location, plan to put it near the sink so it will have a water supply and drainage runoff. At EHD Design Build Group, we’ll keep asking you questions throughout the project to ensure we’re giving you exactly what you want for your kitchen remodeling in Great Falls, VA.

3. The Easiest Way to Make it Happen

EHD Design Build Group is the superior choice for all your kitchen remodeling desires, including cabinet refacing, kitchen countertops, kitchen renovation, plumbing, electrical, and more. We’re your one-stop-shop for your kitchen remodeling in Great Falls, VA. EHD Design Build Group believes the client is the kitchen design team leader. We’ll help make your kitchen ideas become kitchen experiences.