Kitchen Remodeling in McLean, VA

Kitchen Remodeling in McLean VA

How to Strategize Your Kitchen Remodeling in McLean, VA

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Take a look at other design ideas and use them for your dream kitchen. For a one-stop shop, look no further than EHD Design Build Group for kitchen remodeling in McLean, VA. We have experienced professionals eager to assist you in concept and design, planning, and construction. We’ll take you from a free consultation through planning and construction to trash pickup. Since you only have to deal with one group, we will give you a faster construction time. As you imagine your dream home, there’s a few things you can start planning.

Plan Your Theme

Maybe your house is old and you like the vintage look. If you want to keep it that way, take a look through our many and varied kitchen pictures and design options to pick one that’s right for you. Be sure to match your kitchen to the rest of your house. If you have an old house and you want a modern kitchen – do not fear! EHD Design Build Group can match any challenge and turn your kitchen into the talk of the town. Your kitchen remodeling in McLean, VA is about to come alive. Are you ready?

Plan Your Layout

Stand at the entrance to your kitchen and take note. Where are the appliances? Where do you want them? Where are the walls? Can they be moved? Our EHD Design Build Group will help show you how your kitchen remodeling dreams will work best with the infrastructure of your house. Each appliance needs to be connected to the right power source. Your kitchen cupboards may need moving to allow for more kitchen countertops. Of course, to fully plan your layout, you’ll need to plan your lifestyle.

Plan Your Lifestyle

How do you use your kitchen? Maybe you usually have helpers or you want to be able to talk with guests while cooking. Perhaps you like to dance with your special someone while baking. Consider the foot traffic so you can plan the best location for your kitchen island. If your pantry is too far from your stove, you may want to move it closer or add more kitchen cupboards. What surfaces and appliances do you use most? If you use kitchen countertops often for food preparation, you may want to increase their size or make sure there’s plenty of space near the stove.

Plan Your Appliances

There are two elements of planning your appliances. First, you have to determine their priority based on your lifestyle. What is more important: appliance upgrades or kitchen cupboard expansion? Your kitchen remodel strategy depends on prioritizing as you balance priorities and your budget.

Once you’ve decided which appliances are the most important, you have to plan where they should go. Keep in mind that moving your dishwasher means changing your plumbing. If the new location doesn’t have water, there could be problems. If you move a gas stove, contractors will have to include some wall renovation to reroute your utility. This may influence your budget and priority considerations.

Plan Your EHD Design Build Group Kitchen Remodeling in McLean, VA

Budget considerations are something you do not have to do alone. For your kitchen remodeling in McLean, call EHD Design Build Group and we’ll talk through some of your kitchen ideas and help you plan your dream kitchen by showing you kitchen pictures and developing the perfect kitchen designs for your home.