Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Virginia

kitchen remodeling northern virginia

What Should I Consider Before My Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Virginia?

There is no need to start from scratch. There are plenty of kitchen design ideas available for consideration. For a one-stop-shop that will take you from looking at pictures to constructing your dream, consider EHD Design Build Group as your experienced consultants. Specializing in both commercial and residential kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia, our team can adapt to any situation to form a plan that overcomes design obstacles and makes your imagination come to life.

Overall House Theme

The personality of your home will affect your kitchen design, whether traditional, vintage, or modern. Modern kitchens may go great in contemporary dwellings. You can adapt your kitchen design ideas to flow perfectly with the rest of your property. Choose cabinet refacing that complements your house’s color scheme or come up with something creative. Our EHD Design Build Group specialists can help you choose from a range of kitchen design ideas. As you plan for kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia, consider the layout of your space.

Design and Layout

Your kitchen renovation should produce a kitchen that makes your imagination a reality while complementing your lifestyle. How you entertain guests will affect how your kitchen is set up. If being able to see into the living-room or desiring an open feel are priorities, this will affect the location of your kitchen island decision. If you are considering a larger kitchen countertop, make sure it is near the stove or pantry or whatever appliances you use most.


Pantries can be great conveniences if constructed efficiently and with lifestyle and kitchen traffic in mind. A pantry should make spices and ingredients easily accessible while cooking. If your pantry is too far away or has poor shelving, you may want to consider a kitchen cupboard renovation.

Electric, Gas, and Plumbing

Electrical wiring, gas lines, and plumbing may affect the range of possibilities with your kitchen renovation. Certain appliances need specific outlets, plumbing, or gas lines. Dishwashers that are distant from kitchen sinks will need a water supply and runoff. Modern kitchens may have new needs that require certain adjustments to old houses. Some renovations may require an adjustment to the circuit breaker. Kitchens far from the water heater may benefit from a miniature unit under the sink. Changing the kitchen lighting may require structural adjustments to walls, ceiling, or attic space. EHD Design Build Group specialists will tell you everything you need to know about your home as they help you plan and construct your kitchen design ideas.

EHD Design Build Group Kitchen Remodeling in Northern Virginia

After setting your goal and considering design issues, who will you hire for construction? With every demolition of walls or old kitchen cupboards comes the need to haul away the trash. This requires hiring an additional service or possibly rending a dumpster. If you would prefer to avoid the hassle of hiring separate teams for design, construction, plumbing, electrical, trash pickup, gas lines, and more, come to EHD Design Build Group. Our experts will take you from start to finish as they provide both consultation and construction. With a single team handling your entire kitchen renovation, we will provide quicker communication, a more unified implementation, and a much less complicated way of renovating your kitchen. Reach out to us online or by phone to get started today.

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