Kitchen Remodeling in Herndon, VA

Kitchen Remodeling in Herndon, VA

Five Things to Consider Before Your Kitchen Remodeling in Herndon, VA

Ready for a kitchen upgrade? You’ve probably considered some design options of your friend’s kitchen or you’ve looked through kitchen pictures online. As you toy with these ideas of constructing a dream kitchen, you’ll need to consider some things before implementing this new project. It’s never too soon to get free help with a consultation from EHD Design Build Group for your kitchen remodeling in Herndon, VA.

1. Kitchen Cupboards

Cabinet refacing can set the theme for your kitchen. Do you want a modern, vintage, traditional, or country look? Whatever your kitchen design ideas are, cabinets are important. Their durability is also crucial as certain wood finishing can be more susceptible to water or steam damage. Drawer and door hinges and slides will want to be strong rather than flimsy. Kitchen cupboard construction can consist of stapled particle board or sturdy construction.

2. Kitchen Island

The most important thing to consider with a kitchen island addition is your natural lifestyle and kitchen traffic flow. If you are constantly moving across the kitchen or have a lot of kitchen traffic, an island might get in the way. If your pantry is inconveniently far from cooking areas or you have no place for additional kitchen cupboards, a kitchen island may be the perfect solution. Consider how you cook, what surfaces and appliances you use most, and determine your island location accordingly.

3. Appliances

Not all appliances are created equal. Judge the cost-benefit ratio of each appliance by weighing its features against its cost. Spending an extra $100 for a touch screen display might not be worth it if no other features are included. Putting money into energy-saving technology can benefit your monthly budget, but not if the cost difference will never pay for itself.

Think about the utility needs of each appliance. Scattering your appliances around your kitchen will require rerouting of electrical wiring, plumbing, gas pipes, and vents. This means tearing into the walls, walls that may be covered with cabinets.

4. Kitchen Countertops

The coloring of your kitchen countertops can set the theme of your kitchen in one stroke, especially when combined with cabinet refacing. If you’re going to replace countertops, consider any kitchen cupboard changes to do at the same time. Picking a countertop material may seem secondary to design, but consider how well each material will hold up. Consider also what kind of lip the countertops have. If they have none, you may want to check how waterproof your flooring is.

5. Budget

You’re going to need to prioritize your kitchen design ideas so you know what to sacrifice if unforeseen limitations crop up. When the rubber meets the road, prices will not exactly line up with predictions. Prioritizing before you begin your kitchen remodeling in Herndon, VA, helps you make decisions along the way as the project is implemented.

Create two budgets, one ideal and one maximum. This way you have a goal with some flexibility. As plans develop, you can catch yourself at your maximum before you’ve unknowingly overspent your budget.

Consider ongoing utility costs. Buying energy saver appliances or lighting can help your overall budget as well. Be sure to weigh the cost-benefit ratio. Spending double on an energy saving appliance may never pay for itself in the long run. Then again, it might. When prioritizing, put the least expensive, but most efficient changes at the top of your list. Adding a dishwasher may only require a longer kitchen countertop and relocation of kitchen cupboard, achieving the addition of a new appliance as well as more surface space. This double-wammy might be a more efficient budget item than adding a kitchen island, depending on your kitchen layout.

Your Single Solution for Kitchen Remodeling in Herndon, VA

Call EHD Design Build Group and we’ll start with a free consultation where we look at kitchen pictures and discuss kitchen design ideas. From there, we’ll be with you step by step through the entire project, handling everything from project development to construction and implementation. That makes your job easier.