Kitchen Remodeling in South Riding, VA

Kitchen Remodeling in South Riding, VA

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid for Kitchen Remodeling in South Riding, VA

What is your ideal kitchen? Check out Pinterest for some new ideas and come up with a kitchen design that works with your home and lifestyle. What kind of stuff should you consider? For starters, consider calling for a free consultation with design specialists at EHD Design Build Group for your kitchen remodeling in South Riding, VA. Secondly, take note of some common kitchen remodeling mistakes.

1. Not Setting a Goal and Priorities

Plans fall apart when they aren’t centered on a consistent goal. Pick a theme and orchestrate your kitchen design ideas around it. Set a lifestyle goal for a convenient kitchen. Figure out your budget limits and prioritize your kitchen design ideas. Implementing your kitchen remodeling in South Riding, VA, may encounter unforeseen limitations or expenses. However well researched and itemized an estimate is, costs may differ when the rubber meets the road. Pre-planned priorities set around a theme or lifestyle goal help you throughout the process.

2. Appliance Jealousy

You’ve seen that touch screen refrigerator your friend has, and now you can’t live without it. Stop and think about the cost-benefit ratio for a moment and set this against your list of priorities. Your friend’s nice fridge might be a conversation piece, but it might also be an electricity hog, have poor settings, have poor interior layout, have design flaws, or be a money pit. It might not be as useful, or even beautiful, as a new kitchen island, and it may be a lot more expensive.

You’ll also have to consider size and placement. Each appliance needs access to utilities and will need to fit between kitchen cupboards. Take a measuring tape and your list of priorities with you when you visit the appliance store.

3. Forgetting About Lighting

When you move kitchen cupboards, kitchen countertops, or walls, they may affect your lighting. They could block or reveal natural lighting from a window. Cabinets can darken countertops if lighting is at the wrong angle. You might want to consider under-counter lighting, class cabinet doors, or even lighter cabinet refacing and kitchen countertops. Dark surfaces or light surfaces set the mood for the room.

4. Poor Flooring Choice

You’ll want to keep water out of your foundation, so make sure your flooring is appropriate for kitchen activity. When you’re planning your kitchen colors and style, the floor is the foundation of your theme. You can single-handedly change the theme of your kitchen with great flooring designs without having to touch your kitchen cupboards or kitchen countertops. They can also accent each other very nicely or clash terribly.

5. Skimping on Kitchen Cupboards

There’s three factors here: facing, construction, and convenience. Cabinet refacing can greatly improve the look of your kitchen, accenting your household theme. The construction of kitchen cupboards can be anything from solid hardwood to stapled particle board. Construction and sealant will affect durability and lifespan. You may need to spend a little more for quality, but it beats needing future cabinet refacing.

Your Single Solution for Kitchen Remodeling in South Riding, VA

At EHD Design Build Group, we’ll take you from free consultation to construction and cleanup. Instead of messing with a dozen contractors for each utility, construction, waste management, and consultation, give us a call. We’ll start by getting to know you and your kitchen design ideas while you talk with our specialists. After looking over kitchen pictures and chatting about designs, we’ll get to work planning and implementing your ideas for kitchen remodeling in South Riding, VA. Every step of the way you’ll be involved, ensuring the unique implementation of your kitchen design ideas.