Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

Four Considerations Before Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

Remodeling a kitchen is a complicated task that requires planning. Any great kitchen design will make a homeowner’s dreams come alive while bending around budget and construction limitations. Where should you start your planning? Consider these four elements when planning your kitchen remodeling in Washington, DC.

1. What’s the Cost?

You need to set a target budget and a maximum limit. We’ll work with you to keep within your target budget, but it is helpful to have room for flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances. Consider the cost-benefit ratio. An expensive addition that you will rarely use may be less economical than one that gets frequent use. As you consider kitchen remodeling, prioritize your kitchen ideas. Consider whether you would rather have a larger kitchen or a more functional kitchen. You may have small kitchen ideas or an eye for outdoor kitchens. Build your budget around your priorities.

2. Consider Existing Layout

If you want to move things around, take a good look at your existing floor plan. Before starting your kitchen remodeling in Washington, DC, observe where the water lines are located. Sinks, dishwashers, and refrigerators will need access to them. Gas piping and possible vents or hoods will accompany ranges. Upgrading your kitchen cupboards may require vent and duct rerouting. Wiring will not only need to be rerouted to new appliance locations but might also need to be brought up to current building codes. This could require the installation of a new circuit in the circuit breaker. New lighting will also require electrical rewiring.

3. Appliances

When choosing your appliances, consider their size and energy use. Some are particularly designed with energy efficiency in mind. Your budget should consider not just the current kitchen remodeling in Washington, DC, but also your future utility expenses.

Consider also how appliances will affect your kitchen layout. Larger appliances may require moving kitchen cupboards or changing kitchen countertops. Either may result in the need for cabinet refacing. Do your overhead kitchen cupboards have room for a range hood that matches your new oven? You need to know appliance dimensions before ordering cabinets. If you want to scatter your appliances around your kitchen, remember that each location will require its own task of utility rerouting. The location of a hanging microwave oven will also affect your cabinet layout.

4. Lighting

When you move kitchen cupboards, countertops, or walls, you will affect the transfer of light around your home. Adding or moving a wall may block natural light from a window or light from a livingroom ceiling light. You may increase your natural light by replacing old windows with new ones. For that matter, you might reduce your energy bills by including insulated or double-paned windows. Consider also fluorescent lighting as a money saver. Many don’t like the typical fluorescent color, but choices for these bulbs now include a wider variety. You might also consider under-cabinet lighting for a layered lighting effect. In-cabinet lighting or class cabinet doors are also a nice addition.

Your One-Stop Shop for Kitchen Remodeling in Washington, DC

At EHD Design Build Group, we will take you from your magazine wishes to building and implementation. Call us for a free consultation where we will chat about kitchen design ideas, show you kitchen pictures, and plan around your budget. As you talk to our design specialists, we will figure out the best way to implement your kitchen ideas while considering construction and budget limitations. We partner with you to help you achieve your goals.

After establishing a goal for your kitchen remodeling in Washington, DC, our specialists will coordinate with you to produce a plan for implementation, including kitchen layout, material selection, scheduling, and more. Once planning is complete, we will also serve as your contractors, being your one source solution from design to construction. We’ll be with you every step of the way.