Kitchen Remodeling in Reston, VA

kitchen remodeling reston va

What You Need to Know About Kitchen Remodeling in Reston, VA

Are you beginning a kitchen remodeling project in Reston, VA and don’t know where to start? You may be thinking about custom cabinets or countertops and want professional design advice. At EHD Design Build Group, we are your one-stop shop for custom design, planning, and construction services. Here are five things to consider before your kitchen renovation.

Kitchen Designs and Styles

Whether you are looking for a traditional, vintage, or modern kitchen, our EHD Design Build Group specialists will show you a variety of concepts to choose from. As you sort through kitchen design ideas, remember to consider how they will fit the theme of the rest of your house. Country houses may not work well with modern kitchens.

Kitchen Layout and Size

Your options are limited to the layout of your home. Kitchens of every shape and size can be renovated, however, as EHD Design Build Group helps you plan your small kitchen ideas or renovate outdoor kitchens. Consider the shape of your kitchen countertops. Where are your kitchen cupboards in relation to appliances? How will a kitchen island affect movement while cooking? Come to us and we’ll help you think through every aspect of your dream space.


You want to take out that wall or post but are not sure if it supports the ceiling. Along with considering the layout of your dream kitchen, consult professionals on the structure. Supporting posts and walls may often be moved or consolidated, depending on the construction of your home.

Electrical wiring, gas lines, and plumbing affect not only a structural kitchen renovation, but appliance placement, as well. Dishwashers are typically next to sinks to provide water and run off. As different appliances use separate electrical outlets, proper wiring will have to extend to appropriate locations. Large kitchen renovations may require the installation of a circuit breaker, and new lighting may require structural adjustments in the attic. If you are unsure of your home’s infrastructure, EHD Design Build Group provides a comprehensive solution, from concept to construction.


How do you use your kitchen? How do you host guests while cooking? What appliances, surfaces, or kitchen cupboards do you use the most? How you prioritize your kitchen’s features depends on your lifestyle habits. You may see a great layout or design feature of a friend’s space only to realize you would not spend much time using it. If you often have several people walking in and out of the room, a larger kitchen countertop may be more appropriate than a kitchen island.

EHD Design Build Group Kitchen Remodeling in Reston, VA

The priorities you established while considering style, layout, and lifestyle will help you decide where to splurge and where to conserve. If your space is old, you may need cabinet refacing more than larger countertops or cupboards. If you want more countertop and cupboard space, a kitchen island may be your most efficient budget item. Set a realistic maximum expense, between 6% and 10% of your home value, for complete kitchen remodeling in Reston, VA.

Whatever your budget, consult EHD Design Build Group for a comprehensive renovation solution that works with your budget. Our EHD Design Build Group will take you from A to Z, sorting through plans to the construction itself for any kitchen design ideas you can dream up. Contact us today to get started.